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Tourism Scams

Guests should be aware that there are a number of tourism scams currently quite prevalent in Bangkok & other parts of Thailand.

1. Redirected Bookings

Hotel staff, tour desk staff & guides in Thailand make most of their money from commissions and under-the-table payments. While one may always find the few honest people, it should be understood that in many cases people receive very little salary & the system is such that they are expected to support themselves through illicit payments.

Booking our dinner cruise.

If you use any of these agents, one must be prepared to be told that “we don’t know that boat”, “they are no longer in business”, “their boat has sunk”, “they buy their food from a street food vendor” etc etc. You will be redirected to “a good boat” - one of the large package-tourist disco boats where the food costs & service costs are minimal, the price is the same and so the boats will buy their guests from the agents. .

Frankly any surplus money we may have, we prefer to use to improve our product and service for our guests and not to pay to agents who do little more than make a phone call on your behalf. In many cases what the agents are being paid to redirect you to the package tour boats can be over 50% of the money that you are paying.

2. Jewellery Scams

Bangkok is a great place to buy jewellery (it is one of the biggest exporters of finished jewellery in the world) – BUT ONLY if you know what you are doing. Most prevalent at the Grand palace, one is told the Grand Palace is closed (it almost never is) and eventually one ends up in a jewellery shop – not any jewellery shop – generally a jewellery shop selling poor quality gems at 10 times the normal price. It sounds absurd that somebody might be persuaded to spend Euro 5000 on the recommendation of a tuk-tuk driver or somebody casually met in the street, but it must be understood that many of these people are professional confidence tricksters & are quite expert in the job of gaining your confidence.

3. Tuk Tuk Petrol Scam

The poor tuk tuk driver tells you that if you make a detour to a particular shop he will get a petrol coupon which will help his family very much. Of course most of these people are in the employment of tailors, jewellery shops etc, where you will be pressured to buy what you had no intention of buying.

4. Jet Ski Scams

One of the most notorious scams can be found in Pattaya & Phuket where people having hired a jetski upon returning it are shown “damage” that they have caused. The repairs for this “damage” are normally around Euro 2000. One is surrounded by other jetski operators and not allowed to leave until one pays. Mysteriously police are never available to intervene. Best advice – Do NOT rent Jetskis in Pattaya & Phuket


For anybody who wants the factual information, the Irrigation Department publishes a comprehensive report each day. It can be found at Click Here


The following is a link to 198 Traffic webcams in Bangkok & the realtime monitoring meters of most of the canals in Bangkok

The CANAL Meter monitor shows most of the canals at different sections (each canal has several monitors). The numbers at the top indicate how far in metres the water is below the top of the left & right walls. Blue indicates water level, brown & orange left & right wall level. Click Here

High Tide Oct 28 2012 8.30am - River seen from Taksin Bridge Pier - No flooding
High Tide Oct 28 2012 8.30am - Taksin Bridge Pier - No flooding
High Tide Oct 28 8.30am - River at Taksin Bridge taken from Taksin pier - No flooding

Derek Proctor
Managing Director

September 10th, 2011

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