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Bar list - choose your beverages

Drinks Package - Bronze
For guests who would like a variety of drinks with their meal rather than a single type of wine, we offer our drinks package:
  • Tahsaneeya Mai Tai
  • 1 Gl. white wine (Chardonnay)
  • 1 Gl. red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • A small dessert wine (Moscato)

at 950 baht per person.

Drinks Package - Gold
  • Aperitif of choice (including "Champagne cocktails")
  • 1 Gl.white Casa lapostolle "Casa" Chaardonnay 90 pts 2015
  • 1 Gl.red wine The Hedonist Shiraz 94 pts 2013
  • A small dessert wine Chateau Haut Charmes AOC Sauternes 2013
  • A digestif liqueur

at 1150 baht per person.

Water and ice
All of the water and ice served free of charge is from bottled water. Mineral water is available for those requiring it - at bar list prices, as noted. Please note that only bottled water is included in the dinner cruise price. Other drinks are at additional cost and are payable on board by the guest.

Prices in Thai Baht Glass 15cl/ Carafe 37.5cl/ bottle 75 cl

Last updated Aug 24th, 2017. As availability and prices change frequently in Thailand the items are subject to change without notice. The bar list you are given on-board for your dinner cruise will be the authoritative one.

Aperitifs/Pre-Dinner Drinks

Champagne Cocktails

Kir Royale 450 baht
A celebratory champagne & creme de cassis.
Tangerine Mimosa 480 baht
Fresh sweet Thai tangerine juice & champagne.
Champagne Cocktail 470 baht
Pure exuberance of champagne & cognac.
Champagne Cosmopolitan 480 baht
Champagne, lime, triple sec & cranbery juice.

Long Cool

Tahsaneeya Mai Tai 300 baht
Tahsaneeya's signature cocktail to whet the appetite with a blend of light and dark rums, lime and syrup.
Singapore Sling 450 baht
Invented by Raffles Hotel to quench the thirst of the European settlers. Enjoy the punch of gin with cool lime.
Planter's Punch 350 baht
Popularized by Trader Vic's from the traditional colonial thirst quencher
Screwdriver 250 baht
Vodka and the sweet taste of sunshine from freshly squeezed Thai oranges.
Whisky Sour 300 baht
Sweet and sour in perfect balance in this mixture of whisky, lime juice and sugar cane syrup.
Cuba Libre 270 baht
Gin, Havana Club 7 year rum, bitters & cola give the tropical flavour.
Tom or Vodka Collins 250 baht
Put some fizz in your life with the perfect combination of Gin/Vodka, lemon juice, sugar & soda.
Mint Julep 350 baht
The classic southern drink of bourbon, mint & ice to sip on a humid evening
Sea Breeze 325 baht
Great summer drink of vodka, cranberry & grapefruit

Dry Martini 275 baht
The meaning of Bangkok is "place of olive trees". Local olives are not of the edible variety. We use Spanish to garnish your classic Dry Martini.
Daiquiri 275 baht
Invented by an American engineer in Cuba in the absence of gin, the rum, lime and pure sugar cane syrup brings freshness and light.
Margarita/Blue Margarita 300 baht
The classic tequilla cocktail named after a Texan socialite proves adaptable to Thai limes & sugar cane.
Tequilla Sunrise 250 baht
The most instantly recognizable cocktail in the world with tequilla tempered by grenadine drifting into orange juice
Cosmopolitan 300 baht
The classic drink renewed by Sex & the City
Basil & Pineapple Martini 275 baht
A Thai update on a classic martini

Manhattan 350 baht
Whisky, sweet Vermouth and bitters provide a touch of home.
Caipiroska/Caipirinha 250 baht
Original cachaca or vodka - the Brazilian national drink
Mojito 260 baht
Cuba's national drink refreshes and calls for another
Negroni 300 baht
The drink of Florence combines gin, red vermouth & campari
Jungle Juice 350 baht
A potent combination of spirits & fruit juices
Bloody Mary 250 baht
The quintessential invigorating Vodka cocktail from Harry's Bar in New York. Can be spicy or mild.
Kir 250 baht
A refreshing chilled dry white wine with a touch of cassis.

Miscellaneous Drinks


Scotch - Black Label 12 yrs 225 baht
Scotch - Platinum Label 18 yrs 450 baht
Scotch - Chivas regal 12 yrs 200 baht

Bourbon & Rye
Jim Beam Black 200 baht
Canadian Club 200 baht
Jack Daniel's 200 baht

Hong Thong 130 baht

Virgin Mary 140 baht
Virgin Mai Tai 140 baht
Cranberry Crush 170 baht
Cool Passion 150 baht
Honeymoon 200 baht
Sprite 100 baht
Fanta Orange 100 baht
Diet Coke 100 baht
Classic Coke 100 baht
Soda Water 100 baht
Tonic Water 100 baht
Ginger Ale 100 baht
Perrier (33cl) 150 baht
Vittel/Evian (50cl) 120 baht

Fresh Lime Juice 130 baht
Fresh Orange Juice 130 baht
Fresh Watermelon Juice 130 baht

Singha 130 baht
Heineken 140 baht
Corona 220 baht
Moose Cider 140 baht

Campari Soda 225 baht
Bacardi Coke 175 baht
Gin Tonic 200 baht
Vermouth Soda 200 baht
Vermouth Soda 200 baht

Vodka Stolichnaya 200 baht
Jose Cuervo Reposado 200 baht
Tequila Sierra Milenario Extra Anejo 550 baht

Harveys Amontillado Fine 180 baht

Wine List

Prices in Thai Baht Glass 15cl/ Carafe 37.5cl/ bottle 75 cl

Sparkling Extra Brut, Perla Bianca NV 240/ /1200 baht
Prosecco, Pitars Cuvee Prestige NV 250/ /1400 baht
Champagne, Moët et Chandon - Brut NV / /4500 baht

White Wine
House White 200/550/1050 baht
Verdejo Sauvignon, Piqueras Castillo de Almansa 2015 240/700/1300 baht
Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Ema Select Terroir 2016 90 points 240/700/1300 baht
Chardonnay, Casa Lapostolle "Casa" 2013 / /1500 baht
Sauvignon Blanc, Yealands Clearwater Cove 2016 280/800/1500 baht
Pinot Grigio, Bottega DOC 2014 270/750/1600 baht
Muscadet, Ackerman Muscadet de Sevres et Maine sur Lie 2011 / /1600 baht
Riesling Gewurztraminer, Hardys Stamp 2015 / /1600 baht
Chardonnay, Altera 2015 350/950/1800 baht
Uriel Grillo, Poggio Anima IGT Biodynamic / /1900 baht
Sauvignon Blanc, Emiliano Novas 2016 92 points / /2100 baht
Pinot Bianco, Cantine Terlano "Terlaner", Sudtirol, Italy 2011 88 points / /2300 baht
Riesling Kabinett, Max Ferdinand Richter "Brauneberger Juffer" 2012 92 points / /2500 baht

Red Wine
House Red 200/550/1050 baht
Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Ema Select Terroir 2015 90 points 240/700/1300 baht
Cabernet Carmenere, Yali "Nurturing"2013 / /1400 baht
Chianti, La Carraia Genesi 2013 //1400 baht
Negroamaro, Feudi di San Marzano "I Muri" 2012 89 pts 270/750/1600 baht
Cabernet Sauvignon, Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre 92 points 2012 / /1700 baht
Pinot Noir, Clearwater Cove 2015 / /1700 baht
Syrah, Altera 2015 350/950/1800 baht
Montepulciano, Poggio Anima IGT Biodynamic 2015 //1900 baht
Carmenere Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon, Lapostolle Canto de Apalta 2012 91 points / /1900 baht
Dolcetto d'Alba, Tenuta Carretta "Il Palazzo" 2012 90 points / /1900 baht
Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon, La Croix Barton Biodynamic 2012 //1900 baht
Shiraz,The Hedonist, 2015 94 points 370/1000/1900 baht
Shiraz, Schild Estate 2013 92 points //2000 baht
Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon, Emiliana Novas Biodynamic 2015 //2100 baht

Rosé Wine
Ackerman Rose d'Anjou 2014 / /1400 baht
Hardys Stamp Grenache Shiraz (Rose) 2015 / /1500 baht

Dessert Wine
Cranswick Estate - Botrytis Semillon 2010 375ml 280/650/1400 baht
Castelnau de Suduiraut AOC 375ml - Sauternes 2005 450//1600 baht

Digestifs/After-Dinner Drinks


Premium Scotch Whisky
Scotch - Platinum 18 yrs 450 baht
Scotch - Black Label 12 yrs 225 baht
Chivas Regal 200 baht

Pure Malt
Glenfiddich 300 baht

Whisky, Bourbon and Rye
Jim Beam Black 200 baht
Jack Daniel's 200 baht
Jameson - Irish Whisky 200 baht
Hong Thong - Thai 130 baht
Canadian Club 200 baht

Hennessy VSOP 400 baht
Hennessy XO 750 baht
Camus XO 650 baht

Chadeau de laubade VSOP 500 baht

Goslings Black Seal 250 baht

Other Spirits
Abelha Silver Cachaca 200 baht
Barsol Pisco Primero 200 baht

Grey Goose 370 baht
Stolichnaya 200 baht
Absolut 200 baht
Absolut Citron/Mandarin/Vanilla 280 baht

Hendricks 400 baht
Bombay Sapphire 300 baht
Tanqueray 250 baht
Gordons 200 baht

Patron Gold Anejo 500 baht
Jose Cuervo Gold 200 baht

Carpene Malvolti Vecchia 200 baht
Carpene Malvolti Finissima 200 baht
Gaji - Castello di Barbaresco 350 baht

Drambuie 250 baht
Bailey's Irish Cream 200 baht
Sambuca 200 baht
Kahlua 225 baht
Tia Maria 200 baht
Cherry Heering 250 baht
Apricot Liqueur 200 baht
Crème de Menthe 200 baht
Cointreau 220 baht
Grand Mariner <1>240 baht
Galliano 220 baht
Limoncello 200 baht
Amaretto 200 baht
DOM Benedictine 300 baht
Frangelico 200 baht
Crème de Cacao 200 baht
Curacao 200 baht
Patron XO Cafe 200 baht

Dessert Wine
Cranswick Estate, Botrytis Semillon 2010 280 baht

Port Wine
Taylor's Ruby 225 baht

Harvey's Bristol Cream 250 baht

All prices exclusive of service & tax, as per government tax department regulations

Wine in Thailand
Please accept our apology if the wine which you have selected is no longer in stock - this means that it is no longer in stock in
Thailand. In the event that this should occur, in order to assist our clients in maintaining their budgets, we will select an equivalent wine of the same variety and of similar quality and price. We trust that you enjoy our selection.

In Thailand, wine is taxed at 354% of its value and this is payable immediately on importing the wine. In addition, a further 7% VAT is payable. However, markups are very low in Thailand, unlike the standard international markup of 300%-400%. So in fact the wine prices, when we compare them, are not very different to those in good-standard restaurants in most Western countries.

Thailand does attract a lot of garbage wines and unlike many hotels and restaurants we do not sell such wines. It is possible to buy a very cheap bad wine, give the appearance of having cheap prices but in fact with a very high markup & make more profit. However, all of our wines are tasted by all of our staff before we add them to the bar list and only wines that we are prepared to drink ourselves are added. Many of our wines have high ratings from Wine Enthusiast (Robert Parker), Wine Spectator & Halliday.

Derek Proctor
Loy Nava


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