Loy Nava Dinner Cruises Bangkok
On the river since 1970

Message from our Managing Director

We operate the oldest boat on the river, a 70-year old antique traditional Thai teakwood rice-barge. We were the first and are the longest operating dinner cruise boat in South East Asia.

Over the years we have served royalty, heads of state, international celebrities & sports personalities, and 800,000 guests from over 140 countries. We have been featured on TV, newspapers and magazines in many countries. We have the highest return guest rate of any boat on the river.

Our objective is to provide the quintessential traditional Thai experience – offering traditional Thai cuisine, ambiance and service with a sprinkling of Thai arts, culture and history.

By now many dinner cruises have come and gone on the river. Other choices exist for those who prefer them. Many of those currently operating offer international buffets in an enclosed air-conditioned environment with disco and karaoke.

What gives both myself and our staff the greatest of satisfaction is to meet all of our many returning guests, to be thanked by numerous guests for providing “one of the nicest experiences” they have had in Thailand, and to receive the many appreciative emails from our satisfied guests.

We strive for perfection, perhaps not always achieving it, but always trying and we have the highest staff-guest ratio of any boat operating on the river. We provide our guests with every opportunity to express themselves and to point out any deficiency in service, if somehow it has escaped our attention, and we will always seek to rectify any deficiencies.

Despite being fully booked much of the year, we resist the temptation to operate more boats. We operate just one, as our philosophy is that we should meet each of the guests who come on our boat and that myself or my manager should personally supervise every cruise.

Our prices are based on our costs and substantially below other boats operating in the same segment of our dinner cruise market. As we must meet each of our guests personally, it is most important for us to know that we are offering both quality and value when we are face to face with our guests.

Our guests are our most important consideration and our source of greatest satisfaction. We hope that, if what we have described is what you are seeking, we can welcome you too on board our Loy Nava Dinner Cruise.

Derek Proctor
Managing Director

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