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A luxury rice barge journey into Thai culture and the Thai heart. Five star dining using the latest food safety and preparation techniques, traditional culture and touring, on the only original antique teakwood rice barge on the river in Bangkok. Experience first-class Thai hospitality and delicious food from around Thailand in the comfort and tranquility of this luxury, open-air cruise.

The River of Kings
. Drifting along the most historic section of the Chao Phraya River you pass en route such magnificent landmarks as the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace and the display of the royal barges. You will see some of the oldest buildings in Bangkok, including some dating to the earliest Portuguese settlements in the capital. Experience the bustle of river traffic and commerce in this vital artery that separates the old capital from the new.

The Rice Barge. Our boat, the Tahsaneeya Nava, named for the beautiful riverine vistas that are encountered, is constructed of solid hand-carved and polished golden teak, having been built at a time when such raw materials were abundant in Thailand. Loy Nava is committed to supporting traditional Thai culture and crafts. Our roof alone is constructed from over one hundred thousand hand-split and woven bamboo skins. Priceless teakwood carvings and flowers from every part of Thailand adorn our boat and a myriad of twinkling lights illuminates the outline of our vessel.

Service. Guests are welcomed aboard the Tahsaneeya Nava by one of our traditionally attired hostesses with a rose-water sprinkling ceremony and jasmine garland presentation. Scented cool towels are offered to our guests to refresh themselves. During our candle-lit romantic and sedate cruise along the Chao Phraya River, traditional kim music (Thai xylophone) is played gently in the background. Several non-intrusive short sets of Thai classical dancing are interspersed through the meal. Our boat is noted for its floral appearance, featuring fresh and cut flowers from all over Thailand. Safety on board is of major importance. Our safety equipment is inspected and maintained regularly, and a life jacket is provided under every seat. We have an unblemished thirtyfive-year safety record. Every guest receives an illustrated map and history booklet of the river.

Traditional Local Cuisine. Enjoy the subtle spices of our superlative range of traditional Thai dishes, using only the freshest top-quality products, on any of our 6-course Thai Traditional, Thai Seafood or Thai Vegetarian set menus. Each menu is carefully designed to satisfy all palates, drawing upon dishes from each of Thailand’s distinct gastronomic regions – the North, the Northeast (Isaan), the South and the Central Plains. Guests are provided with a description of the dishes and the regions from which they originate.

A Thai dining experience. The evening commences with a delicious assortment of hot and cold canapés, which can be savored with one of our appetite-whetting aperitifs or cocktails. A select range of red, white and rosé wines is available from our barlist to accompany your main meal, as well as our judiciously chosen house wine (which may be purchased by the glass or carafe). A delightful platter of traditional Thai desserts and fresh fruit round off your meal, followed by coffee or tea. A digestif may be purchased from our after-dinner drinks trolley to complete this unforgettable Thai dining experience. Contact us to make a reservation.

Book early for the Loy Krathong Festival Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Cruise details
Daily dinner cruises: The Sunset Cruise at 6 pm. The Bangkok At Night Cruise at 8.10 pm
Trip Duration: 2 hours
Boat capacity: 65-70 persons (17 tables maximum)
Ferry Landing: Si Phraya Express Boat Landing
Reservation hours: Daily 9.30 am to 8pm pm at 02 437 4932/02 437 7329, or 083 077 7388 after 8 pm
Payment: Cash (Baht, Euro, AUD, US$) or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) on board

Our daily scheduled dinner cruises are joined with other passengers onboard. If you want the privacy of a specially tailored cruise with your own invited guests, consider a private charter. Affordable rates.

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